5 mistakes to avoid in Running Your Mineral water plant Business

Hello friends,
In this article, we will share with you what common mistake people do in their mineral water plants. This is a great business, but the closing rate is also very high. So, I tried to find out what are the reasons behind this and the solution for avoiding these common 5 mistakes.
It’s a great thing and also has given a remedy how you can take care of these mistakes and you can get success in this business.

So, Here we are welcome you to this article and congratulate you to start a new Mineral water plant. The growth rate in this industry is 28% per annum, But…the close rate is very huge.
A close rate means the rate at which many plants get closed. Do you know why?
In the last seven years, I have worked very closely with people who have plants, and also the suppliers of the plant. and I have concluded that If one can avoid these 5 mistakes, his business will flourish.

1.) Not doing Proper Market Research
2.)Not deciding the right product Mix
3.)Improper plant designing
4.)Improper plant Layout
And the most important is…
5.)No proper Execution Plan

I mean you may have everything expertise patience, Money, and everything but if you do not have a proper plan then the chances are you will not succeed in this business, Or rather any kind of business.
So, How you can Avoid these Mistakes?
1.) Doing Local area market research
2.)Select the Right project Supplier for your plant
3.)Make a proper execution plan & follow the dates properly.

So, How you make an Execution Plan?
1.) List down all the works to be done
2.) Attest the proper dates
3.)Print the Schedules
4.) Add all of this to a calendar
5.) Maintain all documents
So, This is how your Execution Planning will look like. So, if you maintain these things will be going in proper ways.

You can comment or ask a query in form of comments. For further information, you can also connect with us.

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