Semi Automatic Auto drop Pet Blowing Machine

We Are Manufacturer of High Quality & High Performance Blow Molding Machine.In Blow Molding Machine We Have Multi pal Model Like Semi Automatic Blow Molding Machine, Semi Automatic Auto Drop Pet Blow Molding Machine. The Semi Automatic Auto Drop Pet Blow Molding Machine Majorly Use For Water Bottle Because Its Very Easy To run For New Comers And Low labor Required For Run Machine. The Main Benefit Of Machine Is Give U High Speed Than Normal Semi Automatic Machine and safety side its also very benefit.

Semi Automatic Auto Drop Pet Blow Molding Machine majorly u make water bottle and oil bottle only because its auto drop so u can’t Make bottle with lags

Semi Automatic Auto Drop pet blowing machine we get 1000 to 1200 bottle par hour speed and it’s very Good Speed For who newly stated mineral water and packed drinking water bottle plant.

We Innovative packtechs Provide full project for Mineral Water Bottle Plant/ Packed Drinking Water Bottle Plant.

In this Project We Are Provide Fully Automatic Stainless Steel RO Plant , Rinsing , filling , capping machine , Lab , Inkjet Printer To Print The Bottle mef. exp. date , Blow Molding Machine , Shrink Wrapping Machine Full Project.

Product Details:

TYPE ¨ Semi Automatic
Modal ¨ PP –700 to 900
Oven for to heat the preforms   ¨ 52 Nos (28 MM)

¨ Aluminum make


Diameter of neck ¨ 19 MM To 32 MM
Rotating system ¨ Chine base system
Heater ¨ helostion heater

¨ 1.5 Kw (1 nos)

¨ 6 Nos

¨ Positioning of heaters is better, ensuring faster and simpler heating. Individual heater position is adjustable in signal  axes to achieve optimum heating.

Motor ¨ DC Motor : 1 HP


Pet holder system ¨ all
Machine structure ¨ Lower frame: 50  X 50 X 4 MM

¨ Upper Frame: 25 X 25 X 3 MM

¨ Linear shaft : 38 To 42 MM diameter (4 nos)

¨ Mold mounting plat: 38 To 40 MM

¨ Machine Base with roller

¨ Body: powder codetd

¨ approx. size : 2.4 X 4 X 8 FFET

Advance Feature

  • Easy To run
  • Low Maintenance
  • Quality Product
  • Very Safe to run


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