Square Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

A Square Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine Is Mostly Use For Who Run Mineral Water Bottle Plant , Packed drinking Water Bottle Plant ,

In Packed Drinking Water Bottle Plant Runner Mostly Use Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine but Some User Try Some Think New Like Square Bottle , Round Bottle But Single Labeling Machine.

For That User Its Most Useful Square Bottle Labeling Machine. Available Very Low Price compression To BOPP Labeling Machine.

Square Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine Also Useful For Who Run Small Scale Industries They Run Small Plant in Low Price



Product Details:

Machine Name Square Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine
Models Available Stepper Motor Based
Production Speed Per Hour 2000 to 4000 Products per Hour (Speed Depends up on the Size of the Product and Operator Skills)
Number of Labeling Dispenser 1 Labeling Dispenser Head
Suitable for Products PET / HDPE / GLASS / METAL TN / Aluminum
Application Squre Bottle Single Side Label
Labels Requirement Self Adhesive Sticker Labels in Roll Form having consistence 2 or 3 mm gaps between the 2 labels.
Label Material .Self Adhesive Chromo Paper Labels/ Filmic Labels
Label Roll Outer Diameter Maximum 300 mm
Label Core ID 75 mm
Maximum Label Length 190 mm
Maximum Label Height 225 mm
Label Dispensing Accuracy +/- 1.5 mm
Bottle separation unit Teflon or Rubber Molded Wheel Based Separation Unit
Rejection Ratio During Production 1%
Working Height 850 mm +/- 50 mm
Conveyor Length 6 Feet
Machine Weight Approx. 300 Kgs
Machine Dimension Approx. 6 (L) x 4 (W) x 4 (H) – in Feet

Machine’s Electronics & Pneumatics Components

Conveyor Motor Make Rotomotive/ Bonvoiro ( o.5 HP )
Conveyor VFD Make  Delta / Crompton
Separator Motor Rotomotive / Bonvorio ( 0.25 HP )
Pressing Unit Motor Rotomotive / Bonvorio ( 0.25 HP )
Pressing Unit Drive Delta / Crompton
Product Sensor Luice / Sick
Label Gap Sensor Luice / Sick
Micro processor Our make
Electrical Wiring Ferule numbering on all the wire

Machine’s Material Of Construction

Machine Main Base Frame M.S
Machine Conveyor Complete in S.S. 304/ High strength PVC belt
Product Contact Parts S.S. 304
Non Contact Parts S.S / M.S / Aluminum / Teflon (Whichever is Application)
Conveyor Shafts M.S with Hard Chrome or Zinc Plating
Conveyor Sprockets M.S or Nylon
Wrapping Belt End Less Sponge Coated Wrapping Belt
Wrapping Guide Sponge Coated Wrapping Guide
Guide Rod & Pin S.S. 304
Wrapping Unit Up & Down Screw Based UP & DOWN Assembly
Dispenser Unit Up & Down Screw Based UP & DOWN Assembly


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