20 ltr. Jar Mineral Water Plant Costing- Major Influential Factors

Hello, friends
Today we will talk about those components which in the casting of a 20-liter Jar water plant hold an important position.

Jar demand after covid-19 it has grown and will continue to grow!
Because delivery of bottles has become a bit difficult and citizens are now preferring to take direct goods.

From every house, there is more demand for storage of pure water.,because many times you cannot go outside and come.
So, mainly for the two reasons, people believe that the RO Water is better water because it filters the bacteria and virus.and second is that loose transportation is not that much possible, even bisleri also experience that there is demand increase in the 20 ltr. Jar.

Naturally more people are willing to go towards a 20 ltr. Jar manufacturing unit. So, we just want to tell you 5 major factors while calculating the took investment of 20ltr. Jar Water Plant. So, let’s talk about them one by one.

1.) The first one is keeping in mind that just getting a jar filling machine price is not getting the total plant cost because usually people go and google jar filling machine and they get flooded with all kinds of courts.
People tell that you are suggesting so much cost and how can we get it into 8-10lakhs.so for this keeping in mind jar filling machine is not the whole investment of Jar Mineral Water Plant.

2.) The second is Jar+Lab is also not the total plant cost. So, only jar and setting up the lab is not the whole cost. There are many costs beyond that.
So, what plant cost is then?

3.)Plant cost is many factors above that like the Jar machinery cost, lab, construction, documentation is towards that.
what is the documentation?
There are many documents you need. The main is the Document of FSSI license and the ISI, BSI is the most important thing, and one more license you need that is the pollution control NOC. So, these three things are main.

you should also consider the changes which are going on in the market.
Groundwater because the groundwater and plastic are going to be some change as one as the pollution control concern. So, that was also the cost which you need to consider.

4.)Obviously, the fourth factor is the new normal. So, the new normal is going to be there and some hygienic habits have changed. So, according to the new normal, you make some changes in your plant construction as well, the design and construction both. So, this is one more thing.

5.)The fifth point is ROI, Obviously, the most important factor. You need to change the operating cost.
So, plant cost is not just the one-time investment and capital investment cost, it is beyond that. So, you need to consider the operating costs also.
The thing is you have to do the estimation of forecasting, with the help of both the cost which is involved.

So, friends take this cost very seriously and arrive at your plant and do this. This is a fantastic business. For further information OR guidance connect with us.

Thank You:)

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