Can We setup a Water plant on a Residential Land?

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This time We have a major question that can we set up a packaged Drinking Water Plant on a Residential Land?

So, first of all, understand that It’s a commercial activity. and if you are setting a manufacturing unit it becomes a manufacturing activity.
You don’t require industrial permission for that. It means even if you have residential land you will need to procure the industry permission for that.

Typically, if you are in the Grampanchayat area means out of the corporation limit. you can get it from the sarpanch Or the Gaon Mukhiya. If he permits you then you can get it, but yes it required.
so it’s called industry permission, how difficult it is to get it depends upon the area. but in India, it is not that much difficult.
you can just go through the normal norms and then get it.

Typically department for that is the DIC( The Districts Industries Centre) which is in Maharashtra. So, You can go and ask for the Procedure and they will guide you.

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