How much Land required for a Mineral water plant

Land required for a Mineral water plant

When someone takes a decision to start a Mineral water plant, the first thing he looks for is Land which will consist of an adequate Water source Available.
You may be having big land or might be having just a piece of land with you. Still, it is necessary for you to know exactly how much Land will be required for your Mineral Water plant.

It is divided into 2 Parts Mainly

The covered area and the Open Plot Area. The covered area is the shed in which the actual production takes place; whereas the open area is for the utilities, parking space, the lawn, beautification, scrapyard, and other things.
Once you total out both of these, you arrive at the total plot area required.

How much will be the Shed Size?

This purely depends upon the machinery you have decided to house in. This depends upon the production capacity of the plant. Once you have your Capacity properly Calculated;
you can decide the machinery matching that capacity. The machinery suppliers supply you with the dimensions. Then you need to draw a proper layout of the plant to get the exact shed size required for your Mineral water plant.

Can it be set up on a G+1 Building?

Yes, A plant can be set up on a G+1 type of construction, with limited space. The layout of the plant & machinery should be carefully done in such a case.

Land Location

While selecting the land, please see to it that it is well connected to all the major roads, so that your distribution vehicle, visitors coming to your factory or even your own workforce can come there easily.

Also, check other Resources

Besides Land, also check other resources required like Water, electricity, man, money, etc.

For further information and any kind of help related to mineral, water plants contact us.

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