Lists of Machinery for Mineral Water Processing Plant

There are different types of machinery available for mineral water processing you needs to select the right machinery according to the investment capacity and desired packaging.

You can go with the fully automatic machinery or semi-automatic machinery the cost of the machinery totally depends on the features present in the machine so it is advisable to choose the machinery on the basis of the capital investment.

We have listed here some of the major machinery and equipment required for the mineral water plant business.

1.) Storage Tanks
2.) Sand Filter Activated Carbon Filter And Micron Filters
3.) Treatment Tanks
4.) Reverse Osmosis Plant
5.) Chlorination Tanks
6.) Sand Filter
7.) Activated Carbon Filter
8.) Micron Filters
9.) Ultraviolet Disinfectant System
10.) Electronic Doser For Alum And Chlorine
11.) Ozone Generator
12.) Water Sterilizers And Dispensers
13.) Water Filling Machines
14.) Bottle Wrapping Machine

Area Required for Drinking Water Plant

The selection of the location is a very important task in every business, the location with a minimum of 1000 sq ft is required for Mineral Water Plant.

You can slit the manufacturing area into two parts one is for the machinery and processing of water, another is to store the raw materials as well as the toy store the processed mineral water bottle.

While selecting the area for the business make sure that the area location is easily accessible to the target market, and the most important is that the area location must have enough source of water and energy supply.

Potential Of Mineral Water Business (Market Opportunity)

Mineral water is one of the fast-growing industry which reaches RS 162 billion in 2018 due to the increasing number of domestic as well as a foreign tourist in the last 5 years, mineral water business becoming popular and profitable nowadays, there were 370 authorized water supply units across the state of Tamil Nadu.
The mineral water industry has remarkable growth in the last 5 years. With thousands of small-scale mineral water supplier in the market, the major consumer of this product is Indian railways; the Indian railway is a huge potential market for mineral water.

Water bottles are usually come in different variations according to water content present in it, in this fast mover traveling population mineral water is easier to sell, and a small-scale mineral water plant is a profitable business for the one who wants to start a small-scale manufacturing business.

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