How to Start Water Bottle Business in Low Investment: 10 Ideas!

Hello Friends,
Today we are going to talk about 10 ideas for Water Business in Low Investment.

Now, Investment is a Tricky Word. For Somebody a less investment, for somebody even 2 lakhs can be a major investment.
So, It’s a tricky word, but talking about the water bottle business and based on some queries, we based out some assumptions on that. So, With the assumptions of that, We will commence with the ideas for low investment water bottle business.

1.) First the Jar, Then the bottles
So, the first idea from that is starting the jar plant. 20ltr. jar plant is competing to bottle plus jar plant is a comparatively lesser investment idea.
and once you start with jar plant then slowly when the casualties fine then switch on to the bottling’s just idea number one.

2.) Getting Bottles From Outside
Idea number 2 is if you want to still want to produce bottles and if you are in a good industrial zone you can get bottles from outside.
Then maybe there are some PET bottles Suppliers around you, so get the bottles from them and fill them at your plant. so this can cut down your investment.

3.) Buying/Leasing Existing Plant
The third one is obviously you can buy an existing plant so that can again cut down your investment. Or you can even lease a plant. So, this is idea number 3.
Buying an Old plant or leasing an existing plant.

4.)Partner With existing Plant
Point number 4 is to Partnering with an existing plant. This will also give you a reduction in stake.
So, since you are partner is in. This will also cut down your risk of the business also.

5.)Becoming Distributor for Existing Brand
Idea number 5 is Become a distributor for an existing brand. This will be considerably a very low investment business. If you really want to start in a couple of lakhs investment.
start this business in under 10lakhs.

6.)Branding & Get it done by others
Idea number 6 is to create your brand and get it done from another ISI plant. So, this is called Branding.
you will be having your own brand and under your own brand, you can do it from him. so, this was idea number 6.

7.)Start with Premium Market
Idea number 7 is to establish a premium brand. It is a slightly different idea, and go with the premium market. and get it a glass bottle.
so bottle in the glass is a fashion in the audience, that going for a glass bottle.

8.) Water ATM
Idea number 8 is starting a Water ATM business. The Water ATM business is Very much going to the thing now.

9.)Start CSD(Carbonated Soft Drink) & Upsell Water
Idea number 9 is to start a CSD business and upsell water. So you can start a CSD business it doesn’t need ISI, that’s the biggest, you can start it in much lesser investment.
Once, your water is established you can upsell water through that. you can do it from outside water also, and we can sell this. This is one more idea.

10.)Start a Water business App
Idea number 10 is to establish a water distribution marketplace, so you can go for a Water App. You can aggregate all the market players and we can start with the marketplace concept.

So, guys, these were 10 low investment water bottle ideas. If you really validate ideas with the forecast, do contact us.

Thank You:)

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