Mineral water plant Waste Water Usage

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Today we are going to talk about the wastage of water generated from the water plants. RO is the main technology used in Mineral Water Projects.

RO filters out the minerals & throws them in form of reject water. This article will clear the doubts in your mind on the possible usages & questions on this subject.
So, let’s talk about the 10 major points about the wastage of water which is generated from the mineral water plant.

1.) How wastage is generated by an RO?
Let’s understand how wastewater is generated by an RO plant. So, the RO plant is a part of the water treatment plant, by which you actually get pure quality water.
RO is actually one kind of membrane(Filteration device) or you can say mesh. So, it’s a very fine mesh, from where the salts in the raw water filter from this membrane.
So, only water passes away after the membrane. whatever comes out, it also comes out in the form of water only. we can call is wastage water.

2.) How much Wastage?
The second point is how much wastage generated?
So, that depends upon the TDS. TDS is how much salts are desored in the water. In other words, total desored salts. So, that count is called TDS. It is a particle per million.
So, when we called the 100 TDS water it’s mean by 100 particles in 10 lakh particles of water. So, it depends upon that.

3.) How to treat the wastage?
What to do with the wastage is the third point. Typically, you can use the wasted or reject water to feed your plants which are within your own land.

The second use is can be a sanitary purpose, you can consume it. Car washing stations, they are actually using this water for initial washing of the car, and brick factories also use this water.
So, these are the possible usage of that.

4.) Can Wastage be reduced?
Point number 4 is ideas for reducing wastage. So, you can go for a ZLD plant, which is called a zero liquid discharge. So, almost 95% you can get recovered the wastage water from this.

5.) ZLD-TDS relationship
Point number 5 is why mineral water plants are not using it? Simple, it is suitable for only high TDS. Mineral water projects are not for this high TDS.So, maximum up to 1000to 5000 TDS, mineral water plants are rejected.
So, the ZLD plant is suitable for 1Lakh plus the kind of TDS projects, where are generated.

6.) ZLD-Qty relationship
Point number 6 is Only for huge quantities these ZLD plants are suitable. So, the cost which is involved and the manpower technically is not feasible to go for this.

7.) Anti scalent Dosing
Point number 7 is idea for reducing the wastage again. So, you can use this here to anti scalent dosing always for the RO plant. What anti scalent dosing does it?
Anti scalent dosings are a kind of chemical when their pump is recirculated in the membranes it reduces the falling and scaling of the whole thing.

8.) Importance of Right Plant design
Idea number 8 to reduces the wastage design of the plant properly. It should be perfect. Ideally, first, get the water report done and get proper suggested treatment and proper technical persons to hire for this.

9.) Importance of choosing the Material of Construction
Idea number 9 is the contact part that should be perfect. contact parts for the water. So, it should be pure stainless steel.and keep it tested. As far as, it is concerned let it be 304 & 316 for sure.

10.) Observing the B.I.S. Norms
Idea number 10 is very important.BIS has led out of some schedule of water testing from time to time. if your water source is changing from time to time, water changes so it keeps on changes season to season, day to day they should also change.
So, keep and maintain a proper schedule of the lab reports. Changing filters and maintaining and prevent maintaining is key for this.
All these points are if observed we will see that water wastage is reduced. your membrane life is increasing and most important there is a hygiene routine for your whole factory.

So, besides that, if you have any questions, you can also write to us.

Thank you:)

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